Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Stockholders??? Equity

Stockholders’ Equity
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2022
Equity [Abstract]  
Stockholders’ Equity

Note 9. Stockholders’ Equity


Common Stock


Holders of common stock are entitled to one vote per share, to receive dividends if and when declared, and, upon liquidation or dissolution, are entitled to receive all assets available for distribution to stockholders. The holders have no preemptive or other subscription rights and there are no redemption or sinking fund provisions with respect to such shares. Common stock is subordinate to the preferred stock with respect to dividend rights and rights upon liquidation, winding up and dissolution of the Company.



Lincoln Park Capital Fund, LLC Agreement


On March 28, 2022, the Company entered into a purchase agreement, or Purchase Agreement, with Lincoln Park Capital Fund, LLC (“Lincoln Park”), which, subject to the terms and conditions, provides that the Company has the right to sell to Lincoln Park and Lincoln Park is obligated to purchase up to $15.0 million of its common shares. Additionally, on March 28, 2022, the Company entered into a registration rights agreement (the “Registration Rights Agreement”) with Lincoln Park, pursuant to which the Company agreed to file a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), covering the resale of shares of common stock issued to Lincoln Park under the Purchase Agreement. In addition, under the Purchase Agreement, the Company agreed to issue a commitment fee of 81,190 common shares, or the Commitment Shares, as consideration for Lincoln Park entering into the Purchase Agreement. Under the Purchase Agreement, the Company may from time to time for 30 months following May 9, 2022 (the “Commencement Date”), at its discretion, direct Lincoln Park to purchase on any single business day, or a Regular Purchase, up to (i) 10,000 common shares, (ii) 15,000 common shares if the closing sale price of its common shares is not below $7.50 per share on Nasdaq or (iii) 20,000 common shares if the closing sale price of its common shares is not below $12.50 per share on Nasdaq. In addition to Regular Purchases, the Company may also direct Lincoln Park to purchase other amounts as accelerated purchases or as additional accelerated purchases on the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in the Purchase Agreement. In any case, Lincoln Park’s commitment in any single Regular Purchase may not exceed $1.0 million absent a mutual agreement to increase such amount. The purchase price per share for each Regular Purchase will be based on prevailing market prices of the Common Stock immediately preceding the time of sale as computed in accordance with the terms set forth in the Purchase Agreement. There are no upper limits on the price per share that Lincoln Park must pay for shares of Common Stock under the Purchase Agreement. The Purchase Agreement may be terminated by the Company at any time after the Commencement Date, at its sole discretion, without any cost or penalty, by giving one business day notice to Lincoln Park to terminate the Purchase Agreement.


At The Market (“ATM”) Financing


On April 8, 2022, the Company entered into an Equity Distribution Agreement (the “Sales Agreement”) with Canaccord Genuity LLC (the “Agent”), pursuant to which the Company may issue and sell, from time to time, shares of its common stock having an aggregate offering price of up to $20,000,000 (the “Shares”), depending on market demand, with the Agent acting as an agent for sales. Sales of the Shares may be made by any method permitted by law deemed to be an “at the market offering” as defined in Rule 415(a)(4) of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”), including, without limitation, sales made directly on or through the NASDAQ Capital Market. The Agent will use its commercially reasonable efforts to sell the Shares requested by the Company to be sold on its behalf, consistent with the Agent’s normal trading and sales practices, under the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in the Sales Agreement. The Company has no obligation to sell any of the Shares. The Company may instruct the Agent not to sell the Shares if the sales cannot be effected at or above the price designated by the Company from time to time and the Company may at any time suspend sales pursuant to the Sales Agreement. The Company will pay the Agent a commission of up to 3.0% of the gross proceeds from the sale of Shares by the Agent under the Sales Agreement. The Company has also agreed to reimburse the Agent for its reasonable documented out-of-pocket expenses, including fees and disbursements of its counsel, in the amount of $75,000. In addition, the Company has agreed to provide customary indemnification rights to the Agent. The Offering will terminate upon the earlier of (i) the issuance and sale of all Shares subject to the Sales Agreement, or (ii) the termination of the Sales Agreement as permitted therein, including by either party at any time without liability of any party.


For the three and nine months ended September 30, 2022, the Company incurred $0 and $250 thousand, respectively, of issuance costs related to Lincoln Park and Canaccord Genuity LLC ATM arrangements which were recorded in the Condensed Consolidated Statements of Stockholders’ Equity. As of September 30, 2022, the Company had not issued any shares of common stock under the Purchase Agreement with Lincoln Park or the Sales Agreement with the Agent, other than the Commitment Shares issued to Lincoln Park.


Preferred Stock


Series A and B Preferred Stock


As of December 31, 2020, the Company had 4,611,587 shares of Series A Preferred Stock (the “Series A Preferred”) 3,489,470 shares of Series B Preferred Stock (the “Series B”) issued and outstanding (collectively the “Preferred Stock”). The Company had classified the Preferred Stock as temporary equity in the condensed consolidated balance sheets as the Preferred Shareholders controlled a Deemed Liquidation Event, as defined below, under the terms of the Series A and Series B Preferred Stock as described below. Effective with the Merger, all the Series A Preferred and the Series B Preferred shares were exchanged for 1,194,701 and 904,834 shares of common stock, respectively, and the related carrying value was reclassified to common stock and additional paid-in capital.



Series C Preferred Stock


Effective March 15, 2021, StemoniX’s shareholders approved the Merger with Cancer Genetics and the authorization of $2.0 million of StemoniX’s Series C Preferred Stock (“Series C Preferred”). Effective with the Merger on March 30, 2021, the Series C Preferred shares were exchanged for 139,879 shares of Vyant Bio common stock and the related carrying value was reclassified to common stock and additional paid-in capital.




Common Stock Warrants


The Company issued the Investor Warrant on February 23, 2021. Effective with the Merger, the Investor Warrant was exchanged for a warrant to purchase 28,778 shares of the Company’s common stock at an exercise price of $29.5295. Prior to this exchange, the Investor Warrant was classified as a liability and the Company recognized a $214 thousand gain in the first quarter of 2021 related to fair value adjustments. The fair value of the Investor Warrant was $421 thousand at the time of the Merger and reclassified to additional paid in capital.


In connection with the Merger, the Company assumed 431,537 common stock warrants issued in prior financings of which 429,820 remain outstanding as of September 30, 2022. A summary of all common stock warrants outstanding as of September 30, 2022 is as follows:

Summary of All Common Stock Warrants Outstanding

Issuance Related to:   Exercise Price     Outstanding Warrants     Expiration Dates
2020 Convertible Note   $ 29.55       28,778     Feb 23, 2026
2021 offerings   $ 17.50       324,828     Feb 10, 2026 - Aug 3, 2026
Advisory fees   $ 12.10 - $37.95       98,578     Jan 9, 2024 - Oct 28, 2025
Debt   $ 138.00       2,955     Mar 22, 2024
Debt   $ 2,250.00       1,837     Oct 17, 2022 - Dec 7, 2022
Debt   $ 1,500.00       1,622     Oct 17, 2022
Total             458,598      


Preferred Stock Warrants


In connection with the issuance of the Series A Convertible Preferred and Series B Convertible Preferred, the Company issued warrants (the “Series A Warrants” and “Series B Warrants”, respectively, and collectively, the “Preferred Warrants”) as compensation to non-employee placement agents. The Series A Warrants and Series B Warrants were issued on April 28, 2017 and May 18, 2019, respectively. The Company determined the Preferred Warrants should be classified as equity as they were issued as vested share-based payment compensation to nonemployees. The Preferred Warrants were recorded in stockholders’ equity at fair value upon issuance with no subsequent remeasurement. As part of the Merger, the Preferred Warrants were converted and settled for a total of 8,621 shares of the Company’s common stock.