List of Relevant StemoniX® Research and Marketing Documents

  • High-throughput screening of microBrain® 3D. In a collaborative study between StemoniX and Janssen, the microBrain 3D platform was used to screen the LOPAC®1280 library identifying 111 compounds that modulated the neural network. “[T]hese data demonstrate the suitability and utility of human iPSC-derived neurospheroids as a screening platform for CNS-based drug discovery.”

  • Creation of a custom disease model. CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder (CDD) is a genetic neurodevelopmental disorder resulting in seizure, developmental delay, and severe cognitive disability. In this collaborative study with UCSD, StemoniX scientists created a custom microBrain 3D platform using cells from a CDD patient to study compounds that rescued the CDD neural phenotype in high-throughput.

  • Neuronal communication. Two hallmarks of neurodegenerative diseases are dendritic damage and synapse loss. To study the interactions between human neurons, scientists at the University of Minnesota used microBrain 2D to develop a fluorescent imaging method that can be used to identify disease and drug-induced synaptic changes.