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Vyant Bio, Inc. is a leader in drug discovery and preclinical oncology and immuno-oncology services enhancing the development of advanced therapies in precision medicine. Leveraging our expertise, we are looking beyond preclinical services to translational sciences and advanced drug discovery disease models as we position Vyant Bio for financial stability and future growth.

Vyant Bio is focused on extending its history of leading in the innovation of proprietary products and superior services through investments in unique technologies. To achieve this, we have developed a corporate culture that inspires innovation, respects knowledge and fosters leadership. We are actively pursuing strategic actions to further accelerate our growth in the field of drug discovery.

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Vyant Bio, Inc.
Andrew D. C. LaFrence
President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer
M: 612-802-9299

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Vyant Bio, Inc.
2370 State Route 70 West
Suite 310
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
T: 201-479-1357